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Refurbished Wide Format Printers:
Why Buying Used is Better Than Leasing

Want to save money – a lot of money – on your next wide format printer? Consider buying a used, refurbished wide format printer instead of leasing.
Copier leasing companies make their money by locking you into a contract and then

up-selling you a costlier model when the lease is up. You keep paying and paying but never actually own anything. Isn’t there something wrong with that?
Now there’s a more sensible way: Fully reconditioned, wide format printers from at discount prices.
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How We Help You Save on Like-New Printers

When wide format printers go off lease they wind up in warehouses, some after just a few months of use. That’s where we go to select immaculate, low-mileage copiers for our customers. If you prefer a certain make and model, we’ll even shop it for you.

Then our certified technicians rebuild it, replacing key components and testing to ensure it will run and pass paper right out of the box. So buyers like you can get a lightly used wide format printer without paying tens of thousands of dollars or committing to an unfavorable long-term lease.


It’s the best way for your company to save a lot of money on a
hard-working refurbished wide format printer!
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